WorldlyXP. Worldly Experiences.
How do you become worldly? Someone with experiences and knowledge – someone ready for the future. That’s why we’re here: To connect you with the future. Look ahead.

A virtual, online community to help you figure out what’s next.  A place to learn, explore, grow and figure out your next step for a job, career, certificate, training, internship, or apprenticeship.

Building Career Skills

Develop the tools to succeed

Discover Your Passions

Find out what’s right for you

Collaborate with a Global Community

Cultural engagement for the socially-distant learner

Portfolio Creation

Become an Expert Generalist


Connecting You: With You

:WorldlyXP is a virtual global learning environment with people to meet, places to visit online, global perspectives to discover, and new things to learn about life, the world, and yourself.

Figuring out the world today is hard – if you don’t know: What’s coming up? Where will the jobs be? What skills are in demand? How can I get there?

new approaches

WorldlyXP isn’t standard online classes and courses. We are a re-tooling of the system. There are no tests or essays or book reports.

WorldlyXP is a platform for explorers and it’s designed to get you where you want to be, using methods you’ll love being a part of.  Who knows what jobs will exist in one year, two years or or three years? There are jobs you’ve never heard of you might love! We’ll get you exposure to a world of great possibilities.


Your portfolio needs to be progressive and broad, not just a uni-dimensional reflection of skills.

We evaluate what you have and give you  experiences that reinforce your profile and make you an attractive candidate.

The Worldly community is a safe space for all races, religions, genders, and orientations.


  • Everyone speaks English.
  • You log on the platform regularly to see what’s new
  • You take courses that interest you and lead you to next steps for certifications or degrees.
  • You connect with a coach or a mentor to help answer your questions and give you advice from experience and knowledge to let you know what to do, how to get moving.


The WorldlyXP platform and community is free. Download the app and keep an eye on who joins, what’s new to do and new to learn. 

Take a look at our experienced and knowledgeable coaches and mentors and find one that’s right for you. For a monthly fee of $9.99 you can get regular, fast and clear responses to your questions along with tips, ideas, and assignments to help you learn more and make decisions. There will also be additional events and opportunities to attend for more learning and growing.


  • Meet people around the world
  • Have enriching virtual experiences
  • Discover your talents and strengths
  • Receive feedback and assessment on your skills and aspirations
  • Have a substantial and productive place to go, any time of day
  • Discounts and group rates available for non profits NGOs




Jeff Ritter, PhD

Long-term professor of Communication, Media and Technology, recently set free from the boundaries of college teaching.

Randhir Mishra, PhD

Randhir moved on from the classical academic route, to be an entrepreneur and work in the learning impact space.

Trisha Callella, Ed.D.

Trisha has spent over two decades working across education, technology, publishing, and research industries that converge around innovation, creativity, and designing learning experiences.

Jeff Saporito

Jeff has spent the last decade in e-commerce, worked as an account manager and marketing specialist, and is a web content writer, and author.


Conventional education is, well, old-school.
It’s great if you want a base understanding of today’s world, but ineffective at preparing you for the future.

WorldlyXP isn’t about classes or coursework. It’s about experiences and self-discovery.

You may have no idea what you want to do as a career. That’s okay! Odds are, the job you’ll end up with in a few years doesn’t even exist yet.
There is no way to predict the career opportunities that may exist when you enter the job market.
Fortunately, if you can turn your focus inwards rather than chasing standard job descriptions, you’ll be equipped to handle anything.

Our platform will help you experiment and explore with smart solutions that will teach you to think, adapt, and set you up for whatever the future offers you.

Tell us how we can help you or your organization better prepare for the future.


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