To WorldlyXP friends, supporters, and associates:

In March 2020 I began thinking about new ways to address one of the of the most difficult problems that exist in the world related to education. Specifically, the path from high school to whatever next steps are necessary for a young person to find a sustainable and satisfying work and career life. Along the way I was lucky to meet and collaborate with many interesting, talented, creative, positive and visionary people. Our discussions, brainstorming and collaboration were fruitful in creating new ways to think about how to get students and young people to find out about and move towards their best paths in life.

Alas, not every great idea attracts attention and funding from the rest of the world.

Creating WorldlyXP was a great endeavor created with lofty goals and objectives. In recent weeks I have found an organization that is dedicated to many of the same ideas and beyond! Bittopia University is a decentralized autonomous blockchain-based system for distributing and creating knowledge. I am joining them as an advisor and bringing along all of the great experience, knowledge, collaborative ideas and energy that I’ve gotten from working with so many great people around the world.

I hope you’ll take a look at what we’re doing and join us if you’d like. The goals are great, ambitious and nothing less than revolutionary.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped and talked about and dreamt about the potential for WorldlyXP. I would not be so encouraged and optimistic about the potential for change in education were it not for the heart and energy of all of you.