Actual learning brings about actual change and growth. Seems obvious. Especially if you have seen little kids grow up. But this doesn’t stop as you get older, but it can stagnate, or slow down. Finding the time, the money, the method that works best are all challenges. Here are some of the things we are working on including in WorldlyXP so anyone can get some of this learning done to move forward – the direction YOU want to go. These are important around the world. Business in developing countries and countries with a growing consumer class everywhere will have all of these in demand, after the pandemic.

Gamification Designer / Instructional designer – Introducing the field and its role in learning and training.

Arts and Music – It used to be impossible to get into these fields. It’s still hard, but the internet has leveled the playing field substantially.

Social Media Management – A very high-demand field. This rules the internet in many ways. Some software, and some knowledge get you started.

Digital Photography – How much of the internet is photography, thereby how much of life? Right, Lots. An intro to this can help you decide whether it’s for you.

Bee Keeping – I just like Honey. And Bees. And as long as life exists, bees will always be here.

Entrepreneurship – Hard, very hard, But the principles can teach you a lot, both about yourself and whether or not it’s the path for you.

Community Building – This is everywhere. Organizations and companies, online and in real life.

Creating Virtual Worlds – This is for games but also for learning and training and simulations of all kinds. It’s hard, but platforms give you a head start. Imagination is as important as coding. You don’t have to do both.

Presentations – Is this still the number one fear? Even on Zoom? I don’t know. But pubic speaking and making presentations are still a cornerstone of working in organizations. Not as bad as sitting in a cubicle alone all day, but not as bad as meetings.

Artisanal Producer – Cheese, honey, bread, beer, shoelaces, ties – oh my God – there is a specialist for everything today, and actually a market too. Learn what it takes to join.

Collaboration – Companies now thrive on collaboration. Multiple perspectives are needed to create and understand diverse audiences and customers. There are method to good collaborative work.

Learning = growth and change. And change is good.