I have been holding in my impulse to laugh for a few years now when parents ask me, “what kind of job will my kid get after college?”

Four years from now? Who can know? Four years today is an eternity in terms of development.

I just heard a former student got a certification AND a job as a virtual event planner. Not only is that a job that didn’t exist last year, but one that no one thought would exist.

This is the fix we are in.

Jobs, careers, and livelihoods are changing so fast that schools really can’t keep up. That’s where YOU come in. YOU really can’t hand off planning for your future to some department at a school. They would love for you to get a job, but their job usually doesn’t depend on you getting one.

WorldlyXP will depend on you being fulfilled. We give the tools, exposure, guidance, hints, tips, directions, and real pathways to what’s going on now and what will be going on soon in the world and workforce. Then it will be up to you to pick the training, certification, degree program, internship, or apprenticeship which fits your personality and your desires for the future. We can’t do that part for you – but we can help enough that you’ll want to stick around with WorldlyXP for another month to see more what we will give you. Every month with us should make you a more prepared, more competent, more well-rounded person.

We’re working on WorldlyXP right now, developing a global, diverse team full of people passionate about enabling youth to find their own way, with guidance, instead of just trodding the same old paths that have been obsolete for years. It’s going to be a platform like nothing the world has seen, and we know you’ll find something truly valuable within. Submit your interest via the form on our main page and let’s see what we can explore together.