Education isn’t what you think it is. It isn’t what you’ve been told. “Regular” in-school education is, well, old-school. It’s time for an virtual online gap year alternative.

Education doesn’t just come from classrooms, books, courses, and lectures. It’s not all essay writing and tests. And it’s not just for the young. It’s an ongoing, lifelong process, absorbed from everything around us, if we’re open-minded enough to take notice.

At Worldly Experiences, we’re gearing up for a new type of education. A change has been needed for a long time. The virus and the realities of today’s world have pushed the need for change into overdrive. And many people, especially those fresh out of high school, are wondering what comes next.

Maybe you were thinking about college, and now you’re not so sure. Even if your chosen school is planning to offer face-to-face classes and residence hall living, is it worth the risk? And are you really excited about graduating from 12 years of classrooms, tests, and desks to immediately return to an environment of classrooms, tests, and desks? It’s a lot to consider. And there are a lot of variables at play – very significant variables – for which you don’t have the answers.

So where do we go from here?

All of the above is why we at Worldly Experiences are doing what we’re doing. We know that education is more than what you’re used to. Today’s learner drives a lot of their own instruction. When something breaks, we turn to YouTube to learn to fix it. We watch MasterClass videos for knowledge and fun. How-to guides and DIY boards fill up the internet. We’re an innovative, inquisitive, knowledge-hungry species, and we know how to get information we need, when we need it.

What can be a little harder to get on-demand is experiences that help broaden our perspective, introduce us to new forms of culture and arts, and illuminate areas we never knew we’d be interested in checking out. Worldly’s team is comprised of educators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers, all merging their respected areas of expertise to create an online gap year program for today’s thinker.

So if you’re unsure of what to do this fall, hesitant about face-to-face learning, confused about your next step, or don’t know what the next stage of your life looks like, let us lend a hand with our virtual online gap year program. We’ll give you the tools to figure yourself out, take a look behind the world’s curtain, and help you on your way – using a platform of learning and discovery unlike anything you’ve used before.