The notion of a virtual gap year program is a necessary idea that keeps gaining traction. Check this out:

I saw Goldie Blumenstyk for the first time on a panel last year SXSW-EDU – remember that? It was THIS CLOSE to actually happening this year in March. At last year’s panel, Goldie was acerbic, quick, and opinionated. She hung around long enough to speak to audience members afterwards. I don’t remember for sure which idea I was touting at that point; it might have been the AI-powered education decision-making engine I called, “Educision,” or the peer-to-peer app-based learning service, “learnicible.” (My daughter does not let me forget that name… )

Goldie examines some of the ‘virtual gap year program’ offerings that are out there, and suggests schools should be more on top of this concept. WorldlyXP is different from all of them and is getting closer to starting. An Indiegogo campaign is coming soon, and the build of the platform after that. In the meantime, sign up for a free first month now and we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

You can find Goldie Blumenstyk’s writing on the Muck Rack as well as the CHE’s Edge Newsletter.