Ok, I’ve been around the block a few times, not my first rodeo, etc. etc. If you, or someone, would track my movements and activities during a typical day, week, or month, they’d find I am reading almost any time I am not in the shower. I read almost constantly. Sometimes it’s on my phone, or computer, or IPad, but I also read a lot of magazines, and at least one old-fashioned paper-based newspaper a day. Usually two. I love news, and getting news in 2020 is so easy. But newsletters? Never found them compelling. Usually they are compiled information I already read elsewhere, or an extreme view of someone trying to justify his existence (it’s usually a male, c’mon). Newsletters are often a little like NPR; I already read most of those stories in the New York Times, guys. You’re just adding soundscape to it.

I think I encountered The Future of Education by Michael B. Horn because Apple News (I told you, I read almost constantly) privileges Forbes Magazine in its feed on education, and his name, as well as others, came up more than once in articles I have been reading about the future of higher education. Maybe it’s because I agree with him a lot; he reflects my own filter bubble, or because he brings up topics that have seemingly been ignored by college administrators. Whatever the case, I decided to pull the trigger – or click the button – and subscribed. Once I went to the related website, I found even more to my liking: interviews with people I should know about, competitors, and potential collaborators (I hope).

So, here’s one for you, Michael B. Horn.. You turned me into a newsletter subscriber for the first time. It wasn’t easy, but you got me. That’s a milestone worth telling people about.

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