Did you get your footnotes in order today? Find you quotes and make sure they are indented carefully? How about an opening sentence that grabs the reader? Make sure you use the word ‘plethora’ too – people will think you are smart.

Writing for a living? What writing do people really do for work? That’s a good question and one that I think writing instruction should be about. How about some examples? Sure! Why not!

Blogging – What, for work? “Hey, Jordana, the team thinks we need a blog to explain our new products for our customers, wanna do it?” Yes. This happens.

Social Media – “We need a tweet today, people! I want to see those numbers!” Again, yes, every field, every industry.

Technical writing – Yes. Of course. The manual. The FAQ. Get a specialist, please.

Performance Reviews – You might have to do these. If you are lucky, there’s a form / template. If not, you have to invent it.

E-Mail, Text, Slack, Teams – Coordinating and reporting messages to colleagues, team members, and bosses. Be clear, concise, and fit the culture of the company. No jokes, excessive emojis, spelling errors or shortcuts.

EVERYTHING ELSE is done by a WRITER they HIRE to do WRITING. Writing for a living is a possibility. Every company needs good writing.

So… what about those footnotes?

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