In the spring of 2020, almost every school and university in the United States (and many around the world) resorted to online learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It was new territory for many kids – especially grade-school students – who had never before utilized internet technologies in a formal education setting. Many of the younger folks in that group found themselves struggling. The shift between in-person learning and an online experience is dramatic. It causes many to wonder: Can I learn online?

The irony is, we learn from the internet all the time, on our own terms. We’re tuned to self-directed online research when we need a solution to a problem. Anytime we don’t know anything, we look it up. Google is man’s new best friend. Google is a company, it’s a noun, it’s a verb.

A few weeks ago, part of the drain in my kids’ bathroom sink corroded and fell apart. I had to replace the drain. I’m no plumber, but with a few quick YouTube searches and web tutorials, I was able to fix it. I learned to pull the old one out, get the parts I needed, and install a new one. That’s self-directed learning online. That’s research and application. And that’s what we all do now, without question, when we’re in a pinch. We teach ourselves and we guide our own discovery.

Isn’t “traditional” education still more effective?

Obviously, a drain replacement is a trivial matter. Self-directed online learning of that nature is relatively superficial and only hits the surface of learning a certain skill or trade. But that’s okay, and kind of the point. There are enough resources and videos and content online for anyone to get a good foundation about any subject. Using online tools, one can absolutely learn the basics, get a taste for any area of study, or decide whether or not they have a greater interest in an area they might want to pursue with more traditional and in-depth education.

That’s the point of WorldlyXP. We’re here to help point you in the right direction, give you a taste of any areas you may be interested in, and guide you to the next phase of your journey. Whether you’re destined to be a nuclear physicist or a professional apiarist, you may not know. Once you explore our platform and see what each is about, maybe you will. Watch some videos, read some materials, play some games, take some quizzes, attend a 1-on-1 with a professional in a particular field, do a collaborative assignment with some virtual peers – these are the things Worldly will let you do, resulting in a well-rounded, broad-thinking, ready-for-anything version of yourself.