It got to me this morning – strong coffee, sunshine, and a cool breeze finally relaxed my mind enough to get all the ideas that have been swimming around the slosh of jelly in my head down in one place. So, here goes nothing.

The Features and Services of Worldly XP:

Live-online events – Featuring people from a wide range of careers, jobs, and experiences. Each offering a chance for participants to ask questions and be part of the event. A schedule of new and exciting guests every month.

Instant news  – New developments in careers, jobs, skills, resources, communities, online and in real life. Links to important stories and news events for young people.

Instant events – Unscheduled guests dropping in for a quick interview or presentation.

Discount codes – For online for-credit courses and certifications in many different areas and fields.

Education modules on different topics, fields, and areas – Self-paced discovery modules including videos, readings, games, projects, and assessments, all custom curated by our professionals. Plus, feedback and assessment of your progress and attainment from our team.

Individual coaching through our AI chat bot.

Portfolio creation, assessment, and sharing.

Online conferences and events on important topics with guest speakers and experts – Example topics include health and fitness, the future of gaming, how to learn, changing the world of work, and more…

Curated links on topics and areas of interest and goals – Work, play, games, personal growth, and much more.

Community forum – Live and posted community forums on multiple topics.

Create your own event – Create events for the Worldly community to participate in.

Travel resources – Shared great resources from our community all over the world.

Community gallery – Artwork, writing, photography, video and music. Share your works for feedback and critique from community members and experts.

Career and training planning and coaching – Learning pathways and training planning, evaluation, advice, feedback, coaching and leaderboards.

Future developments:

Game-ified learning.

VR gatherings.

Career and learning pathways trips and meetings.

I feel a lot better all of that is in one place. Not bad, eh? Get on our list to get started this fall and join the excitement. This is what we do at Worldly.