I know you are hoping for an anti-government screed about intrusion, listening posts, black helicopters, and Amazon listening devices connected to NSA data banks, but, no this is a different question. Can the government make decent videos about what different careers and jobs are like? Well, they tried! Check that link. The website has hundreds of videos on jobs and career paths. For the most delicious video ever made by a government contractor, check out baking; of course it’s under the “manufacturing” heading because we all think of manufacturing when we think of delicious, fresh-baked goods, right?

I’ve yet to view all of these videos mainly because I value my brain cells, but I am looking forward to testing them out on WorldlyXP by asking students to find the most poorly-made one, the most irrelevant one, and the video that does the worst job of making that career look attractive. It will be illuminating to see what they choose and get their feedback. They’re the intended audience, after all. Their opinion is the only one.

Critical thinking, right?