It’s not for nothing that The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is in every university bookstore. “Paradigm shift” was the “outside of the box” of its time and will still be with us when the “outside of the box” colloquialism is hopefully buried inside a box deep underground.

In the meantime, Guy Lee nails 21st century skills and learning to the emergence of the iPhone back in 2007.

Wait, the iPhone only came out in 2007? I feel like it’s been longer than that. How did we live before that?

Well, we did, I can assure you. But he lays out some good evidence (as if you need it) that the iPhone has influenced education, bigly. He posits that in order to understand how to shift education for the 21st century student and person, you have to understand the influence of the iPhone on society.

Ok, I get that, and agree. So answer me this: why is so much of education ignoring that truth and doing things the same old 20th-century ways?

Resistance to change, the size of the systems, and the willingness to settle by the students are parts of the answer. The rest may be evidence of something that’s not exactly a paradigm shift; entrenched interests are very powerful and hard to change, and only do so when they have to.

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