I don’t want to be the first one to say that Boost by Kaplan looks like indoctrination to the corporate-speak, drone world of yesterday’s mega corporations – you know, the ones ruining the world? – but maybe I will be.

If I was 17, 18, or 33, with an unknown future in front of me, in a world that’s been turned to chaos by supposed grown-ups, in an environment that could turn against humans like an angry mob, and under a president that seems to have been elected and defended by people that never noticed there’s something out there beyond their noses called ‘other people,’ I would be scared silly by corporations. Other than frozen fruit bars, what have they done right in the past, say, fifty years?

All right, fine. Drugs, health developments, Goretex, and The Wire are all pretty good. But there’s a lot to be asking forgiveness for. And it’s not just going to happen on its own.

What’s next? Overturn the Hegemony.

Where does the future really lie for a smart, ambitious, young person who is willing to work hard but doesn’t want to be burdened with digging for thousands of extra simoleons in the couch cushions? Let us show you.

WorldlyXP is a small startup of educators, creative thinkers, and visionaries. We are looking to use the power of technology to bring some extra ‘special sauce’ to personal and educational development for young people around the world. And we’ll do it at a low cost.

We don’t have a stock price or a corporate headquarters. We’re people working from socially distant living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, coming together to build something good so young people can get what we got years ago: the chance to discover a place in the world, expand their potential, and realize their passions. Those realizations are necessary to carry anyone very far. We can all attest to that. We want to give everyone the opportunity to thrive.

The future belongs to change and innovation.

With WorldlyXP, you’ll leverage self-directed learning, and get exposure to people passionate about their LIVES (not just their careers) to find your own way in the fixer-upper economy we’ll all be muddling through. And you can discover how you can address change through your lives, actions, and decisions.

We’ll see you through as we watch you get into learning what you want, finding new things about the world and yourself, and looking for the next steps that you choose, not the steps someone else tells you are the only ones to follow.

That will be fun and interesting and will drive you to make something happen.

Oh yeah, the hegemony? Overturn the hegemony. Get on that, ok? It’s time for change.