“Will I really need to know about artificial intelligence? I just want to get a job, not be a computer geek.”

Somebody said this in the past 5 seconds somewhere, any time, day or night. Maybe it was a teacher lecturing in a virtual classroom, or a parent talking to their college kid, or a grown adult reading a website about re-training. They said it because AI sounds futuristic and technical and, omg, I don’t want to do that. Do I have to care about AI?

But the thing is, you do want to know about it – and not just because it is already embedded in your life. You know that you can complain about it being “not really that smart” despite having the word intelligence in its name (stupid Alexa!), but you are going to have to know what AI is for almost any kind of job. Sorry, but it’s true. You have to care about AI.

It’s already part of your life.

AI is already in lots of websites and apps that you use all them time. It will be in software that you use for work, whether you are in manufacturing, sales, food service, hospitality, truck driving or teaching. You may not have to do programming, but you’ll have to use your brain to adapt to its brain. It will gather data, look for patterns, find details you might have missed (definitely would have missed), and will put those results into actions to make your work better. And then it will re-evaluate its efficacy, to see if it worked. If it did, it pats itself on its little virtual back and does it again. If not, it adapts. It strives for near-constant improvement. Try doing that every Monday yourself!

We’re going to make sure all WorldlyXP learners get a non-threatening, not scary, and more accurate introduction and primer on AI. It’s still unclear whether AI in the service of Facebook, Tik Tok, Google, China, and others is a good thing or not, but its presence there shouldn’t hinder your ability to get the perfect lunch suggestion from a takeout chat bot that knows your eating habits, or prevent you from learning one of your customers is likely to need to reorder supplies, before even they knew it.

That would be kind of cool, wouldn’t it? We think so.