There’s no date on this blog post on Peter Diamandis’ tech blog, but I know I saw him just the other day on Abundance 360 answering the question, “what industry is the ripest for disruption?” He answered, almost quaking as he did it, “EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION!” Turns out, blog posts criticizing education don’t need a date – they are evergreen.

The answer is what you would expect from a nearly 60 year-old man with twin sons around 8 years old. The future and education would be on your mind almost all the time.

Go to the blog post linked above and you’ll read about all the ways education needs to be disrupted, in great analytic detail, as Peter D. does so well, in his business and daily life I’m sure. The post may be from around 2012 or so. Everything still applies.

There is a lot there and his expectations are nothing short of gigantic. I have seen Peter speak on many occasions as a member of Abundance 360. They gave away free memberships for a month in the beginning of the pandemic and it really was useful, interesting, stimulating and, in a way, comforting. l found like-minded folks, people interested in similar subjects, optimists, and even a business partner! I’m sure I am among the many people who joined for a sustaining membership after that free month, finding the community became an indispensable part of our lives. We could talk in a way that was easier than talking to other friends, or even spouses.

WorldlyXP could be the same for you.