Move along. Nothing Happening Here.

We’re poised to grow! The world has changed. It is new. The landscape for education – approaches, needs, costs, have all been reconfigured and are continuing to change. Here are our goals for 2021. 

1. WorldlyXP Community. We can cultivate this community. The need and desire for community has never been greater. Sharing ideas, inspiring each other, collaborating and growing offer amazing opportunities to help anyone to achieve great things!

2. Worldly Experts, Mentors, Coaches. The model has been proven over and over in both informal and formal settings. Everyone benefits from these relationships and they can indeed be special. We can adapt and innovate new ways to do this cost effectively to open up the opportunity to more people.

3. WorldlyXP In-depth interviews. Recorded and live interviews with people from wide ranging and interesting fields of work and endeavor about how they got there, what it’s like and where their area is going. Again, this benefits everyone.

4. Worldly Intellectual Experiences. Curated academic experiences including videos, readings, simulations, worksheets and evaluations to provide students with a window into areas of study they may have missed or dismissed. Each one includes next steps for learning more or gaining certifications and validation of learning.

5. Live events and and gatherings. Presentations, meetings, sharing perspectives, exploring new ideas in a live on-line setting (for now – live in person later!). Helping students communicate and collaborate with each other.

6. Resources and next steps – certificates, degrees, trainings, live and on-line, that offer ways to learn, grow and propel students towards their goals!

Be a part of  it.

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