Stop the Presses! Active Learning Beats Lectures, Harvard Researchers Discover!

recent Harvard study showed that students actually learn more when education is built on “active learning,” which promotes working collaboratively on projects.

Wow! They figured that out?! Teachers have known this everywhere for a long time – do they always do it? no, of course not. Lectures, note taking and a test were good enough for me and project based learning takes too much effort, time and thought. Ok, stop being so sarcastic, that’s a great and hilarious quote coming from Harvard in 2021, but the best part of the article is the rest about Tik Tok, of all things.

Small bites for short attention span – check. Multi-sensory including media – check. Visual/audio – check. Creativity – check. Organization and time management – check. Communicate to an audience effectively – check.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are teachers all over Tik Tok now. The medium is the message, remember? Short, portable, accessible anytime anywhere, global…Marshall McLuhan would have fallen in love with Tik Tok. But right now it is going to take some crowbars, pressure and incentive to get some teachers to use it considering the amount of crazy, stupid and weird stuff that is there. Even my kids, who are in their twenties are skeptical and I had to tell them THEY were too old to be ready for this. But 7-1th grade teachers – get thee to Tik Tok and learn to be a creator. Your students will thank you.

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