It’s a great idea and I can just see the flow charts, budget and profit spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations that went into it. Get back in there an do it right this time! Alright, some of these programs, Tennessee, Michigan and Minnesota, (so far) have to have had some thought go into building and designing their programs. It wouldn’t take a focus group to tell them that they’ll need to address many major problems to get even a fraction of the people in their states that never finished college back into the system. Child care, tuition grants and loans, writing help, time management, software upgrades, attention deficit, alright, stop laughing, I know, I know. It probably is a bad idea. Basically the costs are the same, the classrooms and teaching methods are the same, the materials, the support and the unknown outcomes; all the same. So why would anyone think the results would be different?

They’re adults now and they know how important education is to their future now. Yeah, and they’re not as distracted as teen agers and twenty year olds, right?

Good luck at dragging in all that revenue you are planning on. Let’s hope these returnees can find alternative paths to skills, certifications and career pathways without having to sit in classrooms, write term papers, read overpriced text books.