There will be and already are a huge number of articles, blog posts, tweets and tik-toks on this being the end of the pandemic – but the beginning of a new era. Well, maybe, but maybe not. Systems and structures are almost more resilient than people. Sure, some might be resistant to going back to big office building and feel uncomfortable in a large meeting hall or conference. But that old muscle memory will kick in and the vaccine attitude will surface and we’ll be right back.
So what will happen to all that we learned —
– some meetings are useless
– some students prefer learning at their own speed
– much of what we did together was a waste of time
– commuting, buses, transit in general is unpleasant and should be avoided..
and so much more.
It’s going to take reflection and careful analysis to really understand the pandemic era and learn from it. Data, subjective interviews, correlations with health, well-being, energy usage, productivity and more will be necessary to find. But the opportunity to make changes now, make some things permanent now, is not hard to find. It is right in front of us. And just like it is time to make some personal changes permanent it is also time for some government agencies and some politicians at many different levels to take this opportunity to solidify some systemic changes.
– flexible schooling
– less testing, reliance on standardized tests
– more independent work
– colleges should try to unbundle their services to be more affordable and success oreinted.
But, let’s be brutally honest, if that were to happen, WorldlyXp might not be needed. As it is, most things will not change and for young people trying to figure it out, and avoiding big ticket mistakes, and needed more guidance and time at a lower cost, WorldlyXP is set to take up the cause. We’ll be ready.