Good News! Your Refund from the Company that Defrauded You For Your Education Loans in On the Way!

I really hope you weren’t one of the many people who was defrauded into giving these people your hard earned money and hard earned Veteran’s Educational Benefits and loans to get some training, but if you were, you may be getting it back soon.

Any company that is built and builds building based on the model of finding students who are not educated enough to discern whether they are getting a quality education should be shut down and this one was. But not before they managed to make many executives and stockholders wealthy on the dime of government funding for veterans.

It’s one of the problems of  for profit (and non-profit – come on, let’s be honest) education. Profit, or a positive cash flow, comes from the up front payments not from the results of the product. If it depended upon the success of the product (your education, enlightenment, self-knowledge, personal growth) how many would actually have to pay?
It’s a conundrum of the education industry which has really turned into a mantra that you might never have associated with college, universities, halls of academia: get it up front.

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