I Don’t Want to Work, Just Want to Bang Taiko Drums All Day

Certainly these great website and businesses have figured something out. People want to learn skills. Skills means jobs. Either getting one or improving your prospects in one. So there’s a system to do that. Uh, there are multiple systems to do that. Community colleges, extension courses, evening courses, online courses, and specialized marketplaces like those mentioned above. Masterclass is fun to have if you have great aspirations or want to pretend you are hanging out with very talented celebrities

But what of the people who need the basics? Search ‘filling out a job application’ and there are 624,000,000 hits and many of them are businesses that want you to pay them¬† – a lot – to help you. Writing a cover letter” 829,000,000. “What does a construction laborer do?” 16,000,000. ‘How to change the oil in a car’ goes to over a billion hits! Convinced? I am. There is not an adequate marketplace of skills for entry level workers or those who haven’t had some college. There are tons of hits, but as everyone who uses Google knows, more hits sometimes makes things worse. Which is best? Which is trying to get my money? Which is a scam even, in some cases.

We’re looking at adding a marketplace of skills to WorldlyXP as a subscription or paid feature of our platform. It would give people with a wide range of skills a place to sell their knowledge and it could bring huge amounts of knowledge to our users. And considering that we are working on as global basis, how to set up a successful fruit stand in the Kigali Marketplace might be a popular skill shared online!